Full-Stack Developer

I design and code high quality, scalable and responsive websites

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Hi.I'm Steve CahnA Full-Stack Web developer

I am a self-taught Full-stack developer. I am proficient in HTML, Pug CSS, Sass, JavaScript, jQuery, React.js, Redux, Node.js, Express.js and MongoDB. This is my passion, and it’s what I love doing. I love learning new programming techniques, languages, and frameworks, and I don’t stop till I finish learning them. Being that web development is a fast paced industry, with new updates and new frameworks constantly updating, I believe that a very important quality of being a web developer, especially a full stack developer, is to have a thirst to learn more, which is something that drives me.

My Recent Work

Here are a few recent projects

Front End Developer

I create clean, modern, responsive websites using either HTML, CSS, Sass, and JavaScript or React.js with Sass. Well, who uses HTML once they know React.js? I use React.js even for the most simple websites due to its orderly way of programming.

Back End Developer

As a backend developer, I use the following languages: Node.js, Express.js, and MongoDB. Using these technologies, I can create anything from small to really large applications.